MAY 19

I rode the Reach the Beach ride on Saturday with my friend Par. We did the 100-mile route, which started in Portland and ended at Pacific City. We got going around 7:45am and the first 60 miles went down easily. Most of that was with Par in the lead and me drafting. After Amity, the heat started to get to me and I bonked for a 10-mile segment. The last 25 miles got a lot easier, especially as we cleared the coastal range and the cool ocean air revitalized us. We arrived at the beach around 4:00pm (6.5 hours ride time), did a quick dip in the ocean to cool off, had dinner, and headed back home.

Overall, a very well-organized event. I would definitely ride it again (although I should probably do a little more pre-training next time). This ride was an eye-opener for me that the Seattle-to-Portland ride is less than two months away. I really need to up my training game if I'm going to make it in one day.

tags: cycling
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