Gmail just keeps getting better and better. Some time back, I noticed that Google added the ability to view PDF attachments right in your browser (they are converted into HTML pages). Since launching Acrobat is always a pain, I love that feature.

Today I noticed that if somebody sends you an mp3 attachment, you can play it straight from Gmail without downloading and launching an external media player... very cool!

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I wanted to write a script to find out everybody who emailed me last year (by accessing my IMAP server). Since I am on a Python binge lately, I decided to write it in Python. Unfortunately, Python's imaplib documentation is a little short on examples.

After much experimentation, I finally figured it out:

import getpass, imaplib

M = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL( 'localhost' ) M.login(getpass.getuser(), getpass.getpass()) M.select( "INBOX.GmailMirror" )

typ, data = M.search( None, '(SENTSINCE "1-Jan-2007")' ) for num in data[0].split(): typ, data = M.uid( 'FETCH', num, '(BODY[HEADER.FIELDS(FROM)])' ) try: print data[0][1].strip() except TypeError: print data

M.close() M.logout()

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FEB 24

After weeks of struggling, I finally have gmail working on my Blackjack. And it's all thanks to Web Design City's article. It was much harder than it should have been... but at least I'm up and running!

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JUL 12

I recently applied for (and was accepted) into Google's Gmail for your domain beta. I was fed up with keeping my spam defense systems up-to-date, always having to patch the mail software (postfix, amavisd, spamassassin, etc.), network outages, running out of disk space on the mail queue, etc. Mail is simply too critical an application for me, so I decided to let Google run it.

I finally got around to switching over my DNS mail records today, so now all of my email for prestonhunt.com is being handled by Google. So far, I'm really impressed with their service. I think it will be an obvious choice for small and medium sized businesses (and maybe even some large ones!) to outsource their email to Google -- it's a very capable system, with a slick administration panel, and (of course) it goes without saying that the service uptime, reliability, data backup, etc., will all be excellent. And with Google's engineers and servers running everything, a company would not need to waste valuable IT resources providing email service. Or paying for expensive Exchange and Outlook licenses.

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DEC 30
I was going through some tenshi logs today from my mail server and the following entry caught my eye:

postfix/smtp: D4D0A10733E: host mx3.hotmail.com[] said: 452 Unable to accept message because the server is out of disk space. (in reply to end of DATA command)

Wow. Glad I'm not a Hotmail user!

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