FEB 14

Cod ***** : The cod is responsible for everything! I'm a sucker for fish and economics books like this.

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FEB 20

Sushi Economy ***** : Fascinating tale of Japan, sushi, economics, global trade, and one of the world's most expensive and shortest-shelf-lived commodities, bluefin tuna.

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DEC 31

Siddhartha ***** : May we all find the ferryman within to guide us across the river.

Cat Who Placed Post Office *** : Cat with a sixth-sense for mail helps solve an aging missing person case.

Corpse Had a Familiar Face *** : Newspaper reporter with a big head talks about murder in Miami.

Harry Potter 6 ***** : Best Potter in a long time, the joy of the first novel is back!

Why Men Earn More **** : Women are underpaid (for the same work), right? I thought so too until I read this book. Written by a former officer of NOW.

Cat Who Played Brahms ** : Another in the series. Add a star if you liked the first one, otherwise just more of the same. But I'll probably read at least one more.

Cat Who Ate Danish Modern ** : Murder mystery with an interior design twist and a cat.

Balancing Your Family, Faith & Work * : Way too religious for me, although the first chapter is an interesting mini-autobiography of the author's life.

Essential X-Men, Vol. 1 **** : Great background reading on X-Men history (graphic novel).

Blink *** : Interesting collection of psychological studies, but maybe only for Gladwell fans.

Cat Who Could Read Backwards *** : The first in a really long series, already formulaic, but a fun read.

Hungry Ocean ***** : Fascinating glimpse into commercial fishing and the life of a woman swordfish boat captain.

The Truth About the Drug Companies ***** : Drugs are expensive, but drug companies have to spend lots of money to develop them, right? Not true, as this book explains in great detail. New York Review of Books review.

Fencing Master **** : Neat period mystery/thriller based in Madrid in the 18th/19th century.

Imperial Hubris **** : Well written overview of the issues of US involvement in the Middle East.

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