AUG 17
The Register does it again: Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New "Intelligent Falling" Theory. Be sure to look closely at the picture in the article. I love the hand flicking the ball off the counter and the equation on the bottom of the screen: dx/dt = 1 Cor. 1:10. Too funny...
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JUL 17
Open letter to the Kansas school board and the origins of the universe according to the Flying Spaghetti Monster theory.
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NOV 25
Recent Gallup Poll confims it: 45% of Americans are dumbasses. Good thing that they all get to vote.

I guess this explains the recent actions to get the theory of creationism back into science textbooks. At least some people are fighting back against this idiocy with textbook disclaimer stickers.

(I have the full text of the Gallup Poll and can e-mail it to you if you are interested.)

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