JUN 15

My Super Ex-Girlfriend **** : This movie:Superman::Galaxy Quest:Star Trek.

Aeon Flux * : The original animated MTV series was delightful. This movie is an abomination.

Ginger Snaps 2 *** : Weird vampire/werewolf type movie!

Blood Diamond **** : Action packed, disturbing, and thought provoking. Great acting by DiCaprio. The implicit moral of the story: The Kimberly Process doesn't work and there's no way to prove that a diamond is conflict free. Better just not to buy diamonds at all!

Long Distance *** : Better than I expected. All the classic suspense tricks and an ending I didn't see coming!

Aladdin **** : Great voice acting and animation, solidly put together.

Adam and Eve * : Barely watchable, and even then only if you fast forward a lot.

Little Miss Sunshine *** : A road trip and beauty pageant heal a dysfunctional family. Crazy movie, fun, well acted.

United 93 **** : Tastefully filmed... and extremely sad.

Devil Wears Prada *** : Standard formula movie, but good acting and a nice soundtrack.

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