JUN 17
Aye-yah, I've been struck by the Windows XP Hibernate Bug! This bug wins the award for the absolute worst error message I have seen: "Insufficient resources exist to complete the API". Luckily, Google to the rescue!

Here's what happens: I suspend my laptop and stick it in my backpack. Plenty of battery left at this point. After some period of time, Windows decides it's been suspended long enough and decides to hibernate. So it wakes up and then the bug strikes (see unhelpful error message above). Unfortunately, it doesn't go back into suspend, and proceeds to completely drain my battery until it's completely dead.

This is a really annoying bug, one that makes the suspend feature on my laptop almost useless. (I've tried disabling suspend, but the bug still happens.)

If anybody knows how to fix this problem, please help :-)

tags: windows microsoft
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