MAR 31

It's been a tumultuous week for our aquarium. I added a six-line wrasse, a Clarkii clown, 20 turbo snails, 10 crabs, a sand-sifting cucumber, a lettuce nudibranch, and two clams. Everybody seems to be doing well except for one of the clams which died after one day and the cucumber which died after four days.

I also arranged all the cabling and tubes to better integrate a Red Sea Wavemaster. And removed a ton of algae from the tank.

All of which is making the tank look better than it's looked in a long time. Unfortunately, all of the commotion caused some stress on one of the longest tank residents, a yellow tang named Scotty. I found him dead in the tank after work. R.I.P., Scotty.

tags: aquarium
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