DEC 28

With the rising temperatures, the heavy rains are quickly melting the once-in-a-generation snowpack that has coated Portland for the past two weeks. As the snow melts, I find myself a little sad to see it go. Here are a few highlights, most of these are first-timers!

  • Skiing down my street and around my neighborhood (pictures)
  • Cross country skiing with Aimee across town to Ben and Annie's house (pictures)
  • Sledding down the big hill by Chapman Elementary School, including a 7-person "sled train" with the Big House gang (pictures)
  • Hiking through a blizzard for dinner at Macaroni Grill downtown
  • Meeting neighbors and other fun-seeking indivudals while doing everything listed above
  • The universal camaraderie all around town in dealing with nature's adversity
  • Having an actual white Christmas (complete with fresh snow fall)

tags: portland snow fun
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