FEB 24

Recently, to save money and conserve natural resources, our condo association decided to stop sending paper statements for monthly dues. Most people in our association use bill pay to automatically pay their monthly dues, but a few people still wanted a monthly reminder to send in their payment.

We use Yahoo Groups for our condo messages, so I checked there to see if it had something that could do the job. Yahoo Groups does offer a "monthly periodic e-mail feature", but it is fatally flawed in two ways. First, it doesn't appear to work. Second, it doesn't let you specify when the message will be sent.

Fearing that I might have to write something up myself to solve this problem, I first started searching around for a solution. I was pleasantly surprised to find Letter Me Later. It's great! Perfect solution, very configurable, yet still easy to use. Check it out if you ever find yourself needing an automated e-mail scheduling service!

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