The pRAAm is complete! (see below for pictures, info, and more)

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Where are the pictures?

Picts by state with a cool Flash map of the USA here.

Who is doing this?

Yours truly and Preston Hunt, a good friend from past Georgia Tech days. You may recognize Preston from such adventures as Mt. Shasta and Mt. St. Helens.

How far and where did we ride each day?

Here's a list with more information than you probably want.

Do you have maps of the route?

See details on the maps page.

We left the Pacific Ocean just west of Portland, OR on August 17th and arrived in New York City on September 25th.

What did we take with us?

Here is an equipment list and a review of all the gear we carried.

Can you tell us that we're insane?

Sure! Just e-mail me: [email protected]

or Preston: [email protected]

We'll be checking e-mail when possible during the trip and will try to respond.

Don't we have jobs?

Yes, it's a real inconvenience. If you'd like to contribute to the Freedom (from work) and Independence Fund, we are accepting donations.

What do we think about all day?

notes from the road

The iPod was a poor substitute for Preston's conversation.

Did we get any help?

We rode alone for most of the time. Tracy and Aimee visited us in Casper, WY, and Chicago, IL and New York City and Preston's Mom helped the last few days.