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Weather, miles and altitude


August 10

San Francisco Beautiful, clear skies, about 70 F all day, perfect riding weather which is standard for the bay area. I rode about 40 miles with 2000 ft. vertical. My wife hit her finger with a hammer while breaking concrete

1 - August 17
(start of ride)

Tillamook, OR (where they make the famous cheese) to Porland, OR 83.83 miles
3244 feet total vertical
1584 feet max altitude
6:03 time on the road
13.5 mph average
43.2 mph max speed

Weather was nice, 70s in the morning and 80 in the
afternoon. Sunny with very few clouds. The first
half of the ride was covered in shade from large
sequoia trees. We rode over the coastal range.
After getting inland the terrain flattened out into
farmland, lots of corn and a few cows.
Aimee got a chain tattoo at the very end of the ride. How embarrassing!

2 - August 18

Portland, OR to Government Camp, OR 62.34 miles
4632 feet total vertical
4032 feet max altitude
6:49 time on the road
9.1 mph average
33.6 mph max speed
Preston's braze-on broke.

3 - August 19

Government Camp, OR to Prineville, OR 91.37 miles
3638 feet total vertical
4077 max altitude
6:14 time on the road
14.3 mph average
45.1 mph max speed

It was hot (over 90) and sunny.


4 - August 20

Prineville, OR to Mount Vernon, OR 109.33 miles
4940 feet total vertical
4646 max altitude
8:29 time on the road
12.6 mph average
34.6 mph max speed

It was cold in the morning with a strong headwind and sunny and hot in the afternoon (100F+).

A Richard Dreyfuss sunburn ala Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

5 - August 21

Mount Vernon, OR to someplace else in eastern OR 100.32 miles
4847 feet total vertical
5232 max altitude
8:23 time on the road
11.7 mph average
40.4 mph max speed

Overcast, hot and muggy.

Butts extremely sore from back to back centuries.

6 - August 22

Wherever they spent the night before to Caldwell, ID 76.89 miles
830 feet total vertical
2824 max altitude
5:54 time on the road
7.0 mph average
22.1 mph max speed

Clear and hot until the afternoon when a strong wind blew in, followed by thunder and lightening and torential downpour. Waited out the rain for over a half-hour, but the storm was slow moving and we caught up with it again as we continued east.

Just miles from the day's final destination Eric took a tumble as a result of the rain (except for a little road rash he is OK -- the $100 biking shorts survived without a tear) and then had a flat (the result of a bramble).

7 - August 23

Caldwell, ID to Mountain Home, ID 95.44 miles
2978 feet total vertical
3370 max altitude
7:46 time on the road
12.0 mph average
35.1 mph max speed

Sunny and clear -- not very humid. A dry heat in the low 90s.

Preston got a flat and his braze-on broke again. We fixed it with a copper fastener from a plumbing store -- 7 1/2 times cheaper that the faulty part from Ace Hardware. Our fingers are crossed that this will do the trick.

8 - August 24

Mountain Home, ID to Fairfield, ID 58.01 miles
3071 feet total vertical
5384 max altitude
4:35 time on the road
12.4 mph average
34.6 mph max speed

The weather was perfect -- clear in the mid-90s with a cool tail wind.

Preston's little elbow got a little sunburned.

9 - August 25

Fairfield, ID to Craters of the Moon, ID 71.15 miles
1745 feet total vertical
5843 max altitude
4:57 time on the road
14.1 mph average
35.4 mph max speed

Sunny and hot.

Today, Eric's knuckle on his thumb got sunburned (because his glove was torn in his crash three days before).

10 - August 26

Craters of the Moon, ID to Idaho Falls, ID 87.9 miles
951 feet total vertical
5839 max altitude
6:07 time on the road
14.1 mph average
24 mph max speed

Sunny with clouds -- 95 to 100 -- and very dry.

Sunscreen dripped in Preston's eyes causing some sting.

11 - August 27

Idaho Falls, ID to Jackson, WY 104.61 miles
3441 feet total vertical
6221 max altitude
7:25 time on the road
13.9 mph average
36.4 mph max speed


Eric got a blood blister on his other thumb.

12 - August 28

Jackson, WY to Dubois, WY 85.34 miles
3887 feet total vertical
9685 max altitude
6:16 time on the road
13.4 mph average
39.6 mph max speed

Partly cloudy, cool. A great tail wind on the downhill.

The webbing between Preston's index and middle fingers on his left hand cracked from holding on to the handle bars so tightly.

13 - August 29

Dubois, WY to Riverton, WY 81.95 miles
1043 feet total vertical
6909 max altitude
6:18 time on the road
12.7 mph average
29.8 mph max speed

Tough 10 mph head wind. Barely beat the rain getting into town. Cold morning start, which inspired some very fast riding -- about 23 mph sustained on the flats.

14 - August 30

Rest Day Raining, Tracy and Aimee visiting.

15 - August 31

Riverton, WY to Casper, WY 127.05 miles (a double metric century!)
2244 feet total vertical
6057 max altitude
6:52 time on the road
18.1 mph average (18.7 mph for first 119 miles)
31.1 mph max speed

Awesome tail wind. Overcast so it was cool.

16 - September 1

Casper, WY to Lusk, WY 113.4 miles
2129 feet total vertical
5318 max altitude
7:23 time on the road
15.1 mph average
34.0 mph max speed
The rubber on Eric's rear back tire was ripping off after riding over 1400 miles with about 50 pounds of gear and going offroading on Country Road 27.

17 - September 2

Lusk, WY to Chadron, NE 84.75 miles
1112 feet total vertical
4944 max altitude
6:32 time on the road
12.7 mph average
31.2 mph max speed

More brutal head winds for slow going. Winds from the east-northeast from the storm ahead of us.

Our average speed due to the head winds.

18 - September 3

Chadron, NE to Gordon, NE 47.49 miles
820 feet total vertical
3740 max altitude
3:59 time on the road
11.6 mph average
18.1 mph max speed

Same brutal head winds. The weather today was cloudy and cool in the morning, then sunny and warm a little before lunch time.

Another flat tire for Eric -- he got another thorn in his front tire that punctured the tube.

19 - September 4

Gordon, NE to Valentine, NE 92.04 miles
987 feet total vertical
3557 max altitude
5:36 time on the road
16.1 mph average (16.6 mph for first 90 miles)
33.8 mph max speed

Cold in the morning. Hot in the afternoon. A strong wind from the south in the afternoon.

Eric got yet another flat tire.

20 - September 5

Valentine, NE to O'Neill, NE 111.28 miles
583 feet total vertical
2867 max altitude
6:52 time on the road
15.9 mph average
29.3 mph max speed
Preston has heat disorder (I don't really know what that means either).

21 - September 6

O'Neill, NE to Sioux City, IA 124.81 miles
1863 feet total vertical
2076 max altitude
8:26 time on the road
14.5 mph average (15 mph for first 120 miles)
32.2 mph max speed
Both Eric and Preston had bloated stomachs from the all-you-can-eat pasta bar.

22 - September 7

Sioux City, IA to Sac City, IA 84.59 miles
2477 feet total vertical
1509 max altitude
6:34 time on the road
12.6 mph average
30.1 mph max speed
Eric is really tired.

23 - September 8

Sac City, IA to Ames, IA 102.59 miles
1013 feet total vertical
1322 max altitude
7:23 time on the road
13.6 mph average
39.8 mph max speed

Hot and sunny -- no clouds.

Preston has a bad case of general malaise.

24 - September 9

Ames, IA to Grinnell, IA 68.49 miles
1656 feet total vertical
1135 max altitude
5:27 time on the road
12.3 mph average
31.9 mph max speed

Clear and sunny in the morning. A front moved in after lunch.

The skin on Eric's face is chafed from the 20 mph head wind.

25 - September 10

Grinnell, IA to Muscatine, IA 112.74 miles
2224 feet total vertical
1049 max altitude
8:57 time on the road
12.3 mph average
28.5 mph max speed

Very humid. A hazy sky all day. 112 miles of 15 mph head wind from the southeast.

Our average speed.

26 - September 11

Rest Day

27 - September 12

Muscatine, IA to Peru, IL 115.11 miles
1640 feet total vertical
1013 max altitude
8:08 time on the road
13.9 mph average
44.8 mph max speed

Torrential rain storm in the morning, cleared up in the afternoon.

One unhappy, rain drenched California bicyclist.

28 - September 13

Rest Day Tracy visiting so we drove to Chicago.

29 - September 14

Peru, IL to Cedar Lake, IN 104.97 miles
1197 feet total vertical
925 max altitude
5:24 time on the road
18.4 mph average (18.7 mph for first 100 miles)
30 mph max speed

Overcast with a little drizzle. Cool.

Eric's rear tire was destroyed by an old screw.

30 - September 15

Cedar Lake, IN to Nappannee, IN 100.1 miles
751 feet total vertical
944 max altitude
6:40 time on the road
14.7 mph average
25.3 mph max speed
Preston's rear tire started developing questionable punctures.

31 - September 16

Nappannee, IN to Defiance, IN 100.75 miles
816 feet total vertical
1013 max altitude
6:56 time on the road
14.5 mph average
24.5 mph max speed
Wawasee Lake won't pass the necessary legislation to get a bike path even though Eli Lilly has agreed to pay for it.

32 - September 17

Defiance, IN to Milan, OH 104.1 miles
295 feet total vertical
692 max altitude
8:10 time on the road
12.5 mph average
20 mph max speed

Warm and clear. Puffy white clouds. Slight head wind from the east.

The zipper on Eric's $5 saddle bag broke.

33 - September 18

Milan, OH to Chadron, OH 100.27 miles
3083 feet total vertical
1313 max altitude
7:42 time on the road
12.7 mph average
30.3 mph max speed

Cloudy and cool. A 5 mph head windfrom the ESE all day. Clouds from Hurricane Isabel rolled in by the end of the day.

A wasp flew down Eric's jersey and stung him 3 times.

34 - September 19

Rest Day Raining cats & dogs due to Hurricane Isabel.

35 - September 20

Chadron, OH to Cory, PA 100.06 miles
3293 feet total vertical
1490 max altitude
6:58 time on the road (bad data)
14.1 mph average (bad data)
80.4 mph max speed (bad data - actually 31.8)

Sunny and mild.

No room at the inn in Union City so had to ride to Cory.

36 - September 21

Cory, PA to Couder Sport, PA 119.01 miles
3454 feet total vertical
2112 max altitude
7:38 time on the road
15.4 mph average
39.5 mph max speed

Very, very cold and foggy in the morning. Cloudy all day.

Eric's front hub is making a bad noise.

37 - September 22

Couder Sport, PA to Towanda, PA 94.15 miles
4232 feet total vertical
2371 max altitude
6:22 time on the road
14.5 mph average
35.4 mph max speed

Overcast but humid and warm. Never saw the sun.

Eric almost got hit by a grandma.

38 - September 23

Towanda, PA to Hawley, PA 93.16 miles
6459 feet total vertical
2211 max altitude
7:47 time on the road
11.7 mph average
35.5 mph max speed

Overcast and cool in the morning; wet roads. Warm and clear in the afternoon.

Eric has a really bad cold.

39 - September 24

Hawley, PA to Congers, NY 104.02 miles
6115 feet total vertical
1322 max altitude
8:01 time on the road
12.7 mph average
35.3 mph max speed

Cloudy in the morning. Mostly sunny in the afternoon. Humid.

Tonight's hotel -- it is by far the worst place we have stayed. It makes the Thunderbird Inn in Riverton, WY look like the Bellagio. However, it's the only hotel we can get.

40 - September 25

Congers, NY thru New Jersey, to Times Square in New York City 32.91 miles
1466 feet total vertical
1636 max altitude
3:14 time on the road
9.9 mph average
29.0 mph max speed

Perfect weather for riding across the George Washington Bridge and into Times Square.

Super 8 hotel forces us into a smoking room even though we reserved a non-smoking room... welcome to NYC!

41 - September 26

Party Day Wish I could have inflicted bodily harm on the a-hole waiter at the Italian restaurant.

42 - September 27

Times Square to Coney Island 16.9 miles
300 feet total vertical
1:43 time on the road
10.4 mpg average

More perfect weather for riding across the Brooklyn Bridge, through Prospect Park and the beach at Coney Island.

Again, the NYC waiters are terrible. Good Mexican food, terrible wait staff.

43 - September 28

Leguardia, NY to San Francisco, CA 2,900 miles
39,000 feet total vertical
39,000 max altitude
5:40 time in the air
513 mph average
540 mph max
The fact that we covered 42 days worth of bicycle riding in less than six hours on an airplane.