Remapping Windows Keys
Describes how to remap keys in Windows XP. Includes downloadable files that will remap the CapsLock key to be the Windows key.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 16 May 2002

'''Update November 2006''': The solution described below doesn't work on Windows Vista. I recommend using SharpKeys on Windows Vista.

I have been a loyal ThinkPad owner for over 5 years, and while I love almost everything about the ThinkPads, one thing I have always found irritating is the lack of a Windows key. Another pet peeve of mine is when the CapsLock key gets accidentally engaged. Decades ago, Unix/X Windows had the ability to remap keys, and on all of my Unix workstations I had disabled the CapsLock key.

As these articles discuss one, two, it is also possible to remap keys under Windows XP. So I went ahead and wrote the following scripts, two of which remap the CapsLock into the Windows key, and one of which undoes all mappings and returns your keyboard to its virgin state. I liked the layout so much that I use this configuration on all of my keyboards now (even those with a Windows key!).

Give up your CapsLock key - once you try it, you'll never go back! (Note that you need to reboot for these changes to take effect.)


SharpKeys is a nice little program that does the same thing with a GUI.

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