Why I Hate George W. Bush
Why I'm not voting for Dumbya.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 17 May 2004


I once had a manager at work who ruled with a totalitarian flair. The thing is, she was always right, so I really couldn't complain about her tactics. Bush, too, acted like a totalitarian with regards to the War on Iraq, and I was willing to lend him my support. However, I determined that his actions would only be vindicated if all of the following were true:

  1. That the US would have a swift and easy victory over Iraq with minimal US casualties. This happened.
  2. That we would find Weapons of Mass Destructions in abundance. Not only did this not happen, but we haven't found any evidence of WMD whatsoever.
  3. That once Saddam and his army were cleared out, that the Iraqi people would welcome us with open arms. This too has not really happened as evidenced by the continuing insurgence and rising death toll of American soldiers.

Since he didn't meet 2 out of the 3 criteria, I feel that he should be held solely responsible for his actions. If you rule as a totalitarian, you have to step up and take sole responsibility when it turns out you were wrong. Even if you won't buy into that theory, Bush is the Commander-in-Chief of the army, and as such, is ultimately responsible for anything and everything that goes on in the executive branch. So, either way you cut it, he's culpable.

International Politics

Guest commentary from Thom Sawicki:

My primary accusation - squandering the good will of the world community. Rather than harnessing the unprecedented largesse of sympathy and outrage from around the world, including former enemies, this sitting president, in less than two years, eroded our alliances to a state far weaker than prior to 9/11. Witness the public and political outrage we see in every continent and the growing animosity toward US citizens abroad. While difficult to assess from my seat I can't help to think as a capitalist and suspect this is a major setback to winning business abroad for any US based corporation or US citizen attempting to close deals in/with foreign nations.

P.S. I can only imagine what could have been. Consider, rather than an ill-informed attack on an idiot-regime there was evidence that a world-wide cooperative terrorist security agency could have been established. A real calling for the UN in modern times. Think of the market opportunity for equipment, services, staffing around the world. Job creation around the world - the best tool to fight terrorism is to raise the hope of the people via belief in a future for the families.


Excellent New Yorker article on how Bush is gutting the Clean Air Act.

Bowing to heavy lobbying from the energy indusry, Bush reneged on his campaign promise to curb CO2 emissions.

Stem Cell Research

In 2001, Bush restricted federal research to use only 72 existing lines of stem cells. Research into new stem cell lines was forbidden in government funded labs. By 2003, only 11 lines of the original 72 remained viable for research. While research continues in private labs in the US, the US is falling behind countries without stem cell research restrictions, such as the UK and China.

As a cancer survivor, I am personally offended by Bush's troubling stance on this issue. Others in a similar situation most likely feel the same as I do, either because they or their loved ones have a disease that could benefit from stem-cell research. (Nancy Reagan's recent support of stem-cell research as a method to curing Alzheimer's comes to mind.)

Stem cell research has the potential to cure many of the devastating diseases that plague the world today. Nothing should stand in its way. Period.

Physician Assisted Suicide

Whatever your stance on physician-assisted suicide may be, one thing is for certain: The people of the sovereign state of Oregon have twice voted to allow it. The federal government has no business meddling in states' affairs!

Unfortunately, Ashcroft seems determined to prosecute or otherwise penalize physicians who partake in this humane process.

As the person who appointed Ashcroft and allows him to abuse unchecked, I hold Bush responsible.

Ironically, republicans are usually the ones to preach on about wanting less government. Hypocrites. And the constitution explicitly gives the states rights in all areas that aren't specifically carved out for the feds.

Gay Marriage (Civil Rights)

Bush has publicly stated his support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Firstly, the constitution is a document that protects people's rights; it should never be used to strip rights away or forbid people from doing things.

Secondly, like physician assisted suicide and medical marijuana, this issue falls squarely in the juristiction of states' rights. The federal government has no business poking its nose in.

Finally, marriage is a social contract between two consenting adults. It's none of the government's business what sex the two consenting adults are. Ideally the government wouldn't be involved in marriage at all. Since it chooses to do so, it should treat all humans equally with a modicum of dignity.


Shortly after entering office, Bush had the rare opportunity to completely eliminate the nation's public debt. Instead, he gave a tax cut that largely benefitted the wealthy and may have plunged us into recession. Now, the federal debt is at an all time high, exceeding $6 trillion. Had Bush simply extended what Clinton had started, it could have been $0 by 2007.

In addition to paying off the public debt, Bush could have authorized the use of $1 trillion to clean up Social Security once and for all. Bush ignored the advice of his Secretary Treasury and the Federal Reserve Chairman and instead gave a record $1.7 trillion tax cut and a 50% dividend tax reduction. As a result, the Social Security problem looms larger than ever.

Medical Marijuana (States' Rights)

Coming soon.
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