Biking Advice
Miscellaneous bicycling advice I've collected over the years.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 20 October 2002

Carbo Loading Before a Race

  1. Get on bike and warm up for 5 minutes
  2. Increase intensity to 130% of VO2max for 2.5 minutes, then sprint as hard as humanly possible for 30 seconds. After the drill, start consuming carbs within 20 minutes.
  3. For the next 24 hours, eat and drink 10g carbos per kg of body weight. High-glycemic carbs (bagels, Gatorade) preferred.
  4. Don't do any exercise until the warmup of the event. In an Australian study, glycogen levels were 82% above normal when this was done.
Source: Mountain Biker Magazine

Long Distance Bicycle Touring

List of must-have items to pack:
  1. Crescent wrench
  2. Tri star socket wrenches (2-12mm)
  3. Small pair of vice grips
  4. Small screwdrivers - phillips and standard
  5. Spare spokes (tape to frame or rack) (alternate: emergency spoke, an adjustable length of cable with hooks on either end)
  6. Valve core extractor
  7. Set allen wrenches
  8. Tire repair kit, spare tire, tire irons
  9. Spoke wrench
  10. Freewheel remover
  11. 2 long cables (for derailler/brake cable repair; never cut excess, instead coil past crimp point - gives more repair options if another cable breaks as well)
  12. 2 small hose clamps (for repairing rack)
Source: Basic Essentials of Bicycle Touring (1993) by Michael Nicoson

Bike Maintenance

Once a season (in May??):

Using Nutrition to Reduce Muscle Soreness

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