Internet Mailing Lists
Review of Internet mailing lists.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 14 October 2002
Wouldn't live without it. Published 3 times a week. Very good summary of the most interesting tech/business events happening.
Run by Declan McCullough from Wired Magazine. Good political, crypto, personal liberties, freedom type mailing list.
Dave Farber's Interesting People
I just joined this list. Stay tuned for a report.

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Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day
Daily vocabulary word complete with usage and etymology. Great! Subscribe to the non-HTML version to avoid annoying advertisements.
New Neat Stuff on the Net
I joined this list based on the recommendation of Wired Magazine. I'm not really impressed with the quality of the sites found or of the format and content of the newsletter itself. NetSurfer Digest offers a vastly superior list, although it costs money to subscribe.
Mike's List
Revealing the web's wackiest sites. Nice format and sense of humor. He tries to guilt you into paying him for the list every now and then, but I never do.
Red Rock Eater News Service
I joined based on Wired magazine's recommendation, but I left after a few weeks on the list. Too much traffic and subject matter not interesting for me. You should try it though.
Joined on Wired magazine recommendation. Very wide range of articles posted on here; VERY heavy daily volume. I am still subscribed, but I autofilter the mail into its own special folder and read it every now and then.
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