2002 Year In Review
How I spent 2002.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 14 January 2003
2002 was a tough year for the world, with the economy in the dumps and terrorism on the rise. Yet, when I reflect back over the past twelve months, I discover that on a personal level, I had a pretty amazing year:

I only hope that 2003 will be as good! Always looking to expand my horizons, I'm taking up playing the electric guitar, folding origami, playing Dance Dance Revolution, and teaching myself Korean this year. Alas, all of these activities have their price, and I am officially giving up kayaking (I haven't done it in forever anyway) and eschewing all other sports in favor of the following only:

Ok, the list is still pretty long :-)

After reading about all the job cuts in the news, people always ask me if I still work at Intel, and the answer is yes. For the past three years, I have been working on a technology called UPnP, whose purpose is to simplify home networking (for more information check out Intel's UPnP section). Because I work in Intel R&D, our goal is always to stay "ahead of the curve", and our work with UPnP is done. So I will be moving onto something new (still at Intel) for 2003, most likely in the area of making computing more secure.

On the dating front, Aimee and I are still going strong, and have taken our relationship to "stage 2" by moving in together. The BOOM! Condo is feeling a little cramped right now with all of her stuff in addition to mine, but it's nice to finally have a real dining room table and an extra sofa!

That pretty much covers 2002. My big news in 2003 is that I am going on my 2-3 month Intel sabbatical, probably sometime in spring or summer. Take a look at what I'm thinking about doing and add your own 2 cents if you like.

The end.

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