2002 Biking Season Mileage
My biking stats from 2002.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 29 April 2002

Today marks the first day that I rode my road bike into work. Since I am planning on riding at least one century this summer, I thought I would keep track of how many miles training I do. Right now, this page will mark the starting odometer settings on my MTB and road bikes I'll update it at the end of the season with the new odometer settings.

Readings on 29-Apr-2002:
Road bike odometer = 209.6
MTB odometer = 0
Total = 209.6
Readings on 6-Oct-2002:
Road bike odometer = 677.4
MTB odometer = 208
Total = 885.4

Difference from previous reading = 675.8 = Total Summer 2002 Mileage

Journal Entry: 18-Jun-2002

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