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FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 01 January 2001


The best way to contact me is via e-mail. Regardless of which e-mail address you use, all of my e-mail ends up at the same place, so don't worry too much about which address to use.

E-mail: [email protected]
Backup E-mail: [email protected] (only checked once a month or so, unless there is a problem with my main e-mail)

If you want to send me encrypted e-mail, please use my PGP key.

Instant Messages

I use a multi-network messenger client (Trillian), so you should be able to contact me via any of the following messenger services:

Yahoo: pjhunt (update: I stopped using this because it SUCKS!)
AIM: pjhunt31415
MSN: [email protected]


Faxes can be sent to my eFax account. There is no need to alert me ahead of time if you are sending a fax since I will receive it in my e-mail inbox.

Fax phone: +1 309 439-9688

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