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Discusses the advantages of having a permanent e-mail address and how to obtain one.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 15 September 2000

Rare indeed is the week that goes by without one of my friends sending me an "I've changed my e-mail address" e-mail. This is an obvious hassle for all parties involved as everybody rushes to update their mailing lists. And of course, there are always typos and other problems that further compound the problem.

A great service for anybody is Yahoo! Mail. For free, they will give you a web-only account with 1GB of storage. For an annual fee, you get 2GB of storage and the ability to forward e-mail to a different e-mail or to download it with POP3. If you really like web-based e-mail or going with a big name company, then go for Yahoo. Otherwise, keep reading.

For advanced users, Gmail can't be beat. It's the solution I currently use (along with e-mail forwarding as discussed below). 2.6GB free storage (and counting) plus incredible searching capability.

The option I am currently using is my own domain name, For around 10 bucks a year, I get an unlimited number of personalizable e-mail addresses (i.e., preston at, me at, ...). There are lots of domain regstrars... I like Active Domain.

The best part about any of these options is that, if my e-mail address changes for whatever reason, I simply update my auto forwarder to point to my new e-mail address and everybody can keep using the address they already have in their mailbox.

I had been using a free "lifetime e-mail" address since 1995, but since then they have imposed a long list of limitations on their free service. Even worse, they have started spamming their users. Avoid Bigfoot at all costs!!

Whatever you do, stay away from Hotmail. It's just about the worst online mail service.

== Anti-spam solutions ==

On a slightly related note, the following sites offer a great way to combat spam:

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