2011 Year in Review
Our 2011 holiday letter.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 24 December 2011

Hello friends and family!

Holiday Picture

We hope this letter finds you happy, healthy, and well-rested. We feel very fortunate to say that at least the first two of those have been true for us in 2011. That leads us to the biggest event of our year: Welcoming our son, Dashiell Finn Greenhunt, into the world on May 31 by emergency Cesarean.

We love being parents more than we ever imagined. We feel so lucky to have such a sweet-natured boy who constantly giggles and smiles throughout the day. We even enjoy watching him sleep. With rosy, plump cheeks and long, graceful eyelashes, he looks like such an angel. If you haven’t already, read more about our adventures in parenting at http://www.greenhunt.posterous.com.

At the end of October, after nearly five months of maternity leave and vacation time, Aimee returned to work four days a week. Preston then took over watching Dash through the end of the year, while continuing to work part-time remotely. Preston has become pretty good at multitasking: Aimee arrived home the other evening to find him sitting on the floor on a conference call, laptop in front and with Dash logging tummy time by his side.

When Preston returns to work full-time in January, Dash will go to day care. We are still in sticker shock over the cost -- $16,000 a year, about what it costs for tuition, room and board at state college!

In other news, Preston is attempting to toilet train our cat, Jill. Yes, we do mean teaching her to relieve herself into the toilet bowl. This involves placing a toilet-bowl-shaped litter tray on the toilet. Once Jill gets used to using the intact litter tray, Preston will slowly remove pieces until she is simply perched on the toilet seat, doing her business. So far Jill appears to be making good progress (after a few accidents). We are such proud kitty parents!

For the second year in a row, Preston bought a season’s ski pass to Mt. Hood. Last winter, he used his pass over 30 times, the most he’s ever skied in a season. Aimee stayed home because skiing while pregnant seemed too risky and she has little patience for 90-minute car trips to the mountain on icy roads. We’re still enjoying yoga and walking everywhere around our urban neighborhood. The stroller is great for carrying groceries!

For the first time in many years, we didn’t take any big trips this year, storing up our vacation time in preparation for the new baby. Preston did manage a few work trips, to Las Vegas, in January, and to Germany, in March, where he eschewed €400 a night hotels and rented an apartment for a week from a Russian grandmother. In May, he attended his 20-year high school reunion in Atlanta, which was a lot of fun, but did make him feel old!

Thank you to all for the parenting advice, encouragement, and support this year. And for your holiday letters and photos--one of the highlights of our holiday season is decorating our wall with the cards, photos, and letters we receive.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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From Heather Hein on 2012-01-01T17:11:45Z:

What a cute baby! It's wonderful that you and Aimee are enjoying parenthood so much. I always look forward to your yearly updates. Happy New Year, have a terrific year! :)

From Mark McClure on 2011-12-25T16:34:58Z:

Welcome to parenthood!  Sounds like you are doing great...

From Nbiegans on 2011-12-25T08:33:34Z:

What a happy Christmas letter, love it.  Potty training Jill?  I have to see this.  Good Luck.  I'm just happy if Pepe covers his poop before jumping out of the litter box, jeez.  Dash is such a cutie, a big cutie.  Merry Christmas you guys.  Miss you and look forward to hearing more about all your adventures in years to come.