2010 Year in Review
Highlights from 2010.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 31 December 2010

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Happy holidays!

We are thankful to report that 2010 was an auspicious year for us. Here are a few highlights:

A year of anniversaries

We marked ten adventure-filled years together, trekking around the world (including Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Costa Rica but also enjoying plenty of nights tubbing out at home with dinner and a good TV show. It's also been ten years since the chance walk through a downtown neighborhood that led us to the condo that we now call home.

Aimee marked ten years at The Oregonian. She still loves journalism and adores writing about all the sad, silly, stupid, and just plain amazing things that she sees at the Multnomah County Court. She can't imagine ever tiring of cases such as the irate driver who paid his speeding ticket in change, but not before putting it in a plastic bag and urinating in it, or the overly passionate attorneys who got into a fist fight in the courthouse halls.

Preston reached his 14-year anniversary at Intel, which entitled him to his second paid sabbatical. He realized that he was an Intel “lifer” when, upon returning to work, he noted that he only had six years and eight months to go until his next sabbatical!

A record year of globe-trotting

We used a good chunk of that sabbatical time (and Aimee's vacation and furlough time, the latter due to budget cutting at the newspaper) for a three-week trip to Turkey. Preston delighted in daily kebabs, olives, Turkish tea, and playing backgammon on the streets with the locals. Aimee had a tougher time with the food, especially the unrelenting cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, and white bread which are ubiquitous breakfast fare. Without Preston by her side, Aimee also received plenty of cat calls, honks and even a few offers to get into cars with strange men (despite the very frumpy workout clothes she was wearing).

All in all, Turkey was a gorgeous country, with a wonderfully rich history and friendly people. It is easy to see why it’s one of Rick Steves' favorites!

After Turkey, we embarked on the ferry-stage of our trip and made way for the Greek islands of Samos, Syros, and Santorini for 10 days of relaxation. We had no trouble enjoying the Mediterranean's pebble beaches, azure seas, and wonderfully fragrant food.

Before Preston headed back to work, we squeezed in a 10-day road trip to one of the most majestic places in the word, the Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, Canada. Highlights included a two-night, 34-mile kayaking trip across the pastel blue glacial waters of Maligne Lake; experiencing a 30-mph snowstorm in July; and securing a last-minute B&B room in downtown Jasper when the thought of spending another night camping in the rain and cold became too unbearable. It was well worth the 20-hour car trip each way.

Staying in shape, and letting loose

Back home, Preston continued the adventuresome spirit by partaking in the World Naked Bike Ride in June. Portland, which prides itself in being weird, attracted over 10,000 riders, the largest crowd of participants on the planet (beating out London, which started the event). The rest of the summer was spent enjoying the usual rock climbing, surfing, and hiking activities, as well as three-times-a-week yoga classes and an intense "boot camp"-style class at the local 24-Hour Fitness. But he’s really looking forward to skiing this winter. La Niña promises a lot of snow and, for the first time in his life, he is the proud owner of a season's ski pass!

Aimee has been on a running spree, having run regularly for the past two years, which is the longest continuous spell in her life. She was delighted that she ran her fastest half marathon time yet earlier this year, despite her advancing age!

There’s no place like (an energy-efficient) home...and some thick socks

The annual heat challenge is still on! Continuing our tradition from previous years, we see how long we can last into winter without turning on the heat. Amazingly, it’s mid-December and we still haven't given in.

We hope you all stay warm in cozy in your homes this holiday season. Merry Christmas! Happy new year!

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From Andrea Jones on 2011-01-05T08:47:55Z:

Love the year in review, guys! Can't wait to swap travel stories in person!

From Us on 2011-01-04T14:29:43Z:

I managed to resist the urge to click on the "World Naked Bike Ride" hyperlink...just ate....