Top ten reasons we think Preston Hunt might be a Borg
An e-mail my friends at Motorola wrote explaining why I might be a Borg.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 18 October 1995
Date: 7/14/94 7:27 AM
From: Jay Bedsole
Subject: Top ten reasons we think Preston Hunt might be a Borg

Hey guys, here's my current working draft - any comments or suggestions?

Warning the following material is computer nerd humor - it could be considered offensive by some artificial lifeforms...

Top Ten Reasons We Think Preston Hunt Might Be A Borg.

10. Strange affinity for cube shaped objects
9. One word: bash
8. The Borg word for hunt is Locutus
7. Has a SCSI in his pants
6. Window manager exhibits more animation than he does
5. Demonstrates intellectual superiority over gyre by frequent crashes
4. Uses the word 'assimilate' in serious conversations
3. Typing speed exceeds ethernet bandwidth
2. His Volkswagen, Carmen Ghia may be a node on the internet
1. He became completely disoriented when separated from the collective (when fangorn crashed, he ambled aimlessly... and finally went home)

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From sam chang on 2010-01-03T14:44:00Z:

congrats on 5 yr mark.