2008 Year in Review
How we spent 2008.
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 31 December 2008

Season's Greetings!

Despite the implosion of the economy that shrank our 401ks to 201ks, we had an incredible year of adventure and new experiences. Here are a few highlights from 2008:

Philippines: It took 26 grueling hours to get there, but we thoroughly enjoyed the white-sand beaches, amazing sea life, and a three-day boat trip through a chain of uninhabited islands (see photo). Preston got adventurous and ate balut, a Filipino favorite, which is a partially-developed duck embryo still in the egg, complete with feathers, beak, and feet. Aimee was less daring but put aside her usual fears and ate unpeeled fruit.

Arizona: In late April, we traveled to Sedona, where the springtime hiking and mountain biking were divine. We then went to the Grand Canyon, where we blasted past all of the signs warning of dehydration and death and hiked 19 miles down to the river and back in one grueling day.

Bicycling: Preston rode thousands of training miles in preparation for the 204-mile Seattle-to-Portland bike ride, which he completed in one very long, 100-degree July day. With all of the training, he was in good shape for a week-long bike trip through the San Juan Islands with his parents a few weeks later.

Farm subscription: We became "localvores" and signed up for 16 weeks of produce from a local family farm. We learned the joys of eating fresh garbanzo beans (they come individually wrapped like Japanese lanterns!) and finding creative ways to cook all those greens that arrived week after week (mmmm, zucchini spaghetti!).

The Oregonian: Aimee passed on a downsizing buyout offer of one year's salary, proving that she must really love her job. Among this year's batch of court stories: neighbors vying for custody of a cat, the Starbucks customer put on trial for allegedly dousing a barista with an iced mocha, and a bicyclist who fought a ticket for riding in the buff--and won!

Intel: After 8+ years in research and development, Preston switched groups this fall and now works developing laptop technologies. He won't be making as many trips to Asia and Europe, but does get "free donut Tuesdays" at his new building. Intel also decided to up morale by giving all employees free soda, coffee, and fruit this year (woo-hoo!).

See pictures for some of these trips (and many more) over in the photos section! Also, Preston's 2008 in Cities is available, as well as last year's letter.

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