2007 Year In Review
Our top 11 list for 2007!
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 31 December 2007

Happy holidays, friends and family! Here are our top 10 highlights of 2007:

  1. Preston did his usual travel thing for work, jet-setting to Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Canada, and China. (Plus a couple of non-exotic trips to Los Angeles and San Jose.)

  2. Aimee switched positions at ''The Oregonian''. She now covers the Multnomah County courthouse - a sad but interesting place that is full of angry defendants, breathlessly emotional family members, and bored-looking folks (usually citizens conscripted into jury duty).

  3. Aimee sold her car! Work is only an 11-minute walk from home. We're now a one-car household.

  4. Preston switched our condo to 100 percent wind power, reducing our reliance on coal and dams.

  5. We replaced our upstairs carpet with maple floors. This may not sound exciting, but it was for us!

  6. Preston turned gourmet - cooking epicurean delights such as turkey breast stuffed with matzo and fennel, coconut-curried tofu with jasmine rice, and savory sauces from an Oregon Culinary Institute class.

  7. Trainster.net experienced the largest growth in its three-year history (with as many as 130 users logging in per day). Preston and Intel's health-advocacy team created the Million Step Summer, in which users pledged to walk a million steps (about 500 miles) over July, August, and September.

  8. Preston's New Year's resolution was to visit every happy hour within three miles of our home. Although he didn't quite make that goal, he did try out a few dozen. And in case you're wondering, Preston hasn't turned into a wino. But he does love those $2 appetizers and catching up with friends after a long week at work.

  9. Aimee made good on her resolution, too – reading at least one book each month (believe her, this is much better than in 2006)! Her favorites were Secret Lives of Bees and Flowers for Algernon.

  10. Pura Vida (the good life)! That's Costa Rica's national slogan, and we had quite a good time vacationing there for two weeks in November. Perhaps our favorite memory was watching flying fish elude capture as dolphins chased from below and birds chased from above. And, yes, we are SICK of rice and beans.

  11. We're healthy! No broken bones, dengue fever from our Costa Rica trip, or recurrences of nasty diseases such as cancer. Woo-hoo!

Hope you all had a wonderful year, too, and we wish you a fabulous 2008!

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