Windows Gadget: Presto's Sidebar Clock
A Vista/Windows 7 gadget to elegantly display the current date and time (with optional time zone support).
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 08 April 2007


Presto's Sidebar Clock is a gadget for the Windows 7 and Windows Vista sidebar. Windows 8 and Windows 10 users can use 8GadgetPack to run the clock. (I do not have plans to make a native Windows 8 app; please see the reason why in the Enhancements section of this page.)

The clock elegantly displays the current date and time (with optional time zone). The clock is available in two sizes and can automatically change color based on the sunrise and sunset times of the selected timezone.

Download and install gadget now (v1.90)!

Microsoft browsers (Internet Explorer and Edge) do not install this gadget correctly. Use any other browser and it should work.

29 supported languages: Afrikaans, Български, Català, Čeština, 简体中文, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Esperanto, Euskera, Français, Gaeilge, Italiano, 한국어, Lietuvių, Magyar, Mакедонски, मराठी, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Русский, Română, Slovenščina, Srpski, Svenska, українська

See pictures of how other people use Presto's Sidebar Clock on Flickr (email me with your picture if you would like to share!). has some nice screenshots and a nice video showing the clock.

E-mail me if you are interested in providing translations for other languages! It is pretty easy; I will send you a file of words to translate.

Bug Reports

Please scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions first and check if there's already an answer to your question.

If you still need help, please fill out the bug submission form.


Presto's Sidebar Clock is Charityware. You can use and copy it as much as you like, but you are encouraged to help the less fortunate of the world through a donation to UNICEF. After you have made your donation, please e-mail me your name so I can add your name to the donors list (and know that my gadget is appreciated!).

Thanks to the following generous individuals who have shown their appreciation for Presto's Sidebar Clock by contributing to UNICEF: Jim Baker, Dave Horne, Diane Koyich, Matt Halls, Rich Armstrong, John Sietsma, Rob Hawkes, Lo Yuk Fai, Jim Restucci, Kerry Walsh, Geoff Quinn.


On WinXP, I was always very dissatisfied with the default system clock. My biggest complaint was that it didn't display the date unless you hovered the cursor over the time or made the start bar super wide. So I found a shareware program called TClockEx that installs a customizable clock in the lower right hand corner.

TClockEx was perfect for my needs, unless I traveled internationally. In this case, I wanted to display multiple time zones at once, so I ended up using a pay program called Zone Tick.

When I first installed Vista, I used the default clock and date widgets that Microsoft has provided. However, they consume too much screen real estate for my tastes. Further, while I have no problem with analog clocks in the real world, I like a digital clock for my computer desktop.

None of the digital clock gadgets available met my requirements for simplicity and elegance, and Presto's Sidebar Clock was born...


In addition to offering a completely customizable date and time format (using the same format as PHP's date function) it also supports an optional time zone offset and time zone label. By simply dragging multiple copies of the clock to your sidebar, you can have two or more time zones displayed simultaneously. The clock can also automatically dim at sunset.

The following characters are supported differently than what is documented on the PHP date function web site:

Any of the time and date format codes can be used in either the "Date format" or "Time format" fields.

The time and date format codes are also supported in the bottom label field but must be escaped with a "\" character. For example, "Berlin \H:\i" would result in "Berlin 14:27".


This gadget uses Svend Tofte's excellent formatDate JavaScript code to do the date and time formatting. Special thanks to Svend for releasing his useful code to the public domain.

It also uses the pytz package to compute the time zone offsets for all of the cities for both standard and daylight time. The time zone files upon which pytz is based are changing all the time, Stuart Bishop does a great job of constantly updating pytz.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the way the time or date looks?
Here is a list of the codes that control how the date and time appear. You can get this list by clicking "Format help" from the options.
None of the codes do what I want.
Check the additional codes listed above to see if what you want is already available.
How do I display the sunrise or sunset time on the clock?
Displaying the sunrise or sunset time is not currently supported. If sunrise information is available for the selected timezone, the clock can dim the color of the clock when it is night time. Support for displaying the sunrise and sunset times themselves will be coming in a future version.
What's up with the strange time zone names?
The technical reason is that I use the zoneinfo project for my time zone information. It provides information by city name.
Daylight saving time started today and my clock is 1 hour behind or ahead.
Sometimes the clock takes several hours before it adjusts to daylight saving time. Please wait 24 hours and the clock will probably correct itself.
Do you have support for Julian dates in the date format string?
Use uppercase "J" in the date format string to get Julian date. This is the same as "z" but starting at 1 instead of 0.
I just want to display the date. Is there any way to turn off the time?
If you want to suppress the time, it's possible to enter the date format codes in the time format box. For example, you could put "M j" for the date format and "D" for the time.
Can I change the background image?
Yes! Go to the settings, click on the appearance tab, and select the browse button at the bottom to load a background image from your hard disk. A kind person from Slovakia provided a nice gray background image if you need one.
Daylight saving just changed for my time zone, but the clock is still showing the old time.
Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for the correct time to appear. Please wait a day before contacting me with a bug report (thanks!). Time zone rules do change frequently, please ensure that you are running the latest version of the clock.
How do I run multiple clocks?
Click the Windows Start menu and type "Gadget Gallery". When the gallery opens, simply drag as many clocks as you would like onto the desktop.
How do I get multiple clocks to be closer to each other on the desktop?
By default, Windows 7 snaps gadgets to a grid pattern with a wide spacing. Hold down the shift key while moving the gadget to allow the gadget to be placed anywhere.
The gadget does not start automatically when Windows starts.
This is a Windows Sidebar problem. The clock has no control over when or how it is loaded. See this thread for tips on how to repair the sidebar.
How do I get the gadget to stay on top of all other windows?
This is controlled by Windows directly; right-click on the gadget and select "Always on top". Note that some users report that this is buggy; unfortunately, many known bugs exist with the Windows Sidebar and gadgets and Microsoft has abandoned the feature, so no bug fixes will be forthcoming.
What is the time zone for India?
Please use Asia/Calcutta.
After installing the clock, I only see a blank gadget or the time is shown but does not update.
This is a Windows Sidebar problem. Please see these articles for possible solutions: WinHelpOnline, Microsoft Answers
Why is dimming not available for some time zones?
Dimming requires a latitude and longitude, which may not have been provided for all time zones. Email me with the name of the time zone and I will add it.
My city is not on the list of time zones
Email me the name of the city and I will consider adding it to a future release. Only major cities will be included, otherwise the list will grow too big!
Can you change the clock appearance to do XYZ?'
Please send me your feature suggestion, although I am pretty happy with the way the clock looks, so I may not implement it. You can always change simple things, such as line spacing, font colors, bold, etc., by editing the gadget's CSS file: (1) Open the directory %AppData%\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets (2) Go the prestosidebarclock folder (3) Edit the gadget.css, make the changes you want, and save (4) Exit any running clock gadgets (5) Re-install them from the Gadget Gallery.
I changed the font size to a value other than "Auto" and now the letters and numbers are too big or run into each other
If you change the font sizes to any value other than "Auto", then you are on your own--you will have to carefully choose font size values such that the date, time, and label don't grow outside the box, run over each other, or otherwise look bad.
When I restore previously-saved settings, the new font size is messed up on the new gadget.
If you save settings from a large-size (undocked) gadget, you have to manually undock the new gadget. (This is due to a Microsoft design limitation and there's no way for the clock to automatically do this.)

Release history


Microsoft has stopped development on the gadget technology and closed the online gadget store. Windows 8 and beyond do not have gadget support.

I'll continue to fix bugs and update the time zone definitions, but otherwise I will most likely not be doing any further feature enhancements to the clock.

Regarding Windows 8: At this time, I do not have plans to write a "tile" for the Windows 8 Start page, for several reasons:

If I do decide to add features, it will most likely be one of the following, which have been suggested by users:

Previous Versions


I would love for you to leave a comment telling me if you enjoy the clock! However, if you need help, please don't leave a comment but instead use the bug submission form.

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From Jonathan Echipare on 2017-06-02T02:11:14Z:

All-in-one Clock!
I've searched a lot of gadgets in the internet but this one is the best. :)

From presto8 on 2017-06-02T17:59:24Z:

Thanks for the kind words! Which reminds me, I'm overdue for an update to the latest timezone rules...

From Rey Azada on 2016-03-29T04:11:27Z:

I developed world time software for the travel industry and understand the challenges and concept that "time never stops". Thank you Preston Hunt. You are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!! I'm now retired and got a new lousy faster desktop but I'm thankful for finding your clock again. I keep a few of your clocks in the corners of my multiple screens and even the something that looks like your clock from Amazon for the bar and kitchen. Please don't ever stop developing good stuff ... Thanks again!

From presto8 on 2016-03-31T02:19:18Z:

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. It always makes my day and brings a smile to my face when users tell me how much they enjoy the clock!

From Matt on 2014-11-25T06:02:31Z:

This gadget is great. Thanks for developing it.

From maple syrup on 2014-06-08T19:48:25Z:

thank you for a super product, and thank you for helping UNICEF...have 6 locations on my PC, laptop,...good job

From Doreen Wermers on 2014-03-24T00:27:03Z:

my clock won't stay on top of other windows, can that be fixed? i have checked off 'always on top" thank you for any help

From S.A. Zingelshuher on 2014-01-15T22:51:30Z:

Perfect! Great Job!

From dooma flatchie on 2014-01-05T06:24:04Z:

I'm a currency day trader and follow the world markets day and night. I have 9 of your clocks on my desk top. It saddens me you won't do further development on your gadget. I searched around quite a bit to find a gadget clock that was right for me and your clock is the only one that provided the flexibility and features I needed. I have 9 text scripts for reloading purposes for each time zone because I re-image my boot drive from to time to time. Like you I feel M$ has done a great disservice to users. Note that LA is not a market per se but it's where I live and handy to have one clock for reference at a glance.

From Wyld Black Wolf on 2013-12-27T03:10:36Z:

thank you ever so much for this handy little clock . and I'm glad you're not falling for the win 8 crap. friend of mine got a win 8 surface dealie and MAN what a pita it is. glad I didn't bother :) anyway once again awesome little app and thank you very kindly for it !

From Christopher on 2013-12-18T05:19:27Z:

Hello young man! I've been using your gadget for years, was a contributor to v1.34, and quite frankly it's been a big help because I always need the Julian date. Have you thought about making a tile for Windows 8? All it's really missing (8.1) to make it complete is Presto's Clock. :D

From dypsis on 2013-10-24T07:31:26Z:

This is the best digital clock gadget that I have ever found.
I love the transparent view and the ability to format the time and date as you want.

Thank you.

From Dook on 2013-10-16T13:36:33Z:

This is the perfect clock gadget for Win7, glad I found it before they shut the whole Gadget site down in favour of Apps.

From Roy on 2013-07-19T20:18:13Z:

Still works on Windows 8.1 preview with 8GadgetPack ! Thanks again.

From flyendo on 2013-06-16T01:56:07Z:

Answered my own suggestion by downloading another clock and setting it to local time, Cool

From flyendo on 2013-06-16T01:53:53Z:

Very cool GMT clock with am/pm notation, I would suggest combining two clocks so one can view the local and GMT on the same face. flyendo

From Moonie on 2013-05-10T08:19:30Z:

Loved this clock when I installed it in my old computer. Now I'm downloading again to my new one. Better clock than most others, IMO.

From Roy on 2013-03-10T03:48:05Z:

Works great in Windows 8.    Thanks!   Install 8GadgetPack first to use gadgets in Win 8:

From Stryker_eng on 2013-01-22T01:41:56Z:

Would it be possible to add the pop-up calendar like on Neptune's Digital Clock?  That would make this perfect.

From immy on 2012-11-23T12:23:16Z:


Great clock very handy!can't find (CST) - Time in Houston, TX, USA?

From iflyboeing747 on 2012-11-15T09:33:27Z:

Howdy :)
Will the clock be available for WINDOWS 8..?

From Jim Restucci on 2012-10-24T03:46:16Z:

First, great clock gadget.  I have been using it for years and haven't found one I like better.  I have a quick question though.  I recently added a new font (Digital-7) it's a True Type font and displays great in all applications in Windows 7; however, when I attempt to select it in the clock app, it is not present in the list.  Is there something I need to do in order for it to show up?  Thanks again for a great application.

BTW per your request, I have donated to UNICEF on your behalf!

From Vriass on 2012-10-11T22:55:10Z:

Been looking for this for hours. Best Ever.

From Willie on 2012-09-18T19:35:19Z:

 A beautiful, clean, and simple digital clock that compliments my Igor Bushin gadgets quite nicely. A question though... Would you allow me to come into your home without your permission just to see if you've changed your living room clock? I didn't think so! Would love to upgrade from version 1.27 just as soon as you add a "toogle" to the automatic "phone home", (update check) feature! Other than this little privacy peave, yours is the best digital clock gadget out there by orders of magnatude! THANX...

From presto8 on 2012-09-18T22:53:43Z:

The automatic update check can be disabled using the checkbox on the "About" tab. This has been there since v1.44.

From Lee Hopper on 2012-09-16T20:58:19Z:

This is the best clock in the whole of windows! A couple of feature requests: Ability to change background colour, or a compendium of background images to choose from. Also DIM for PT, MT, CT and ET. Thanks again!

From presto8 on 2012-09-18T22:47:03Z:

If you can provide recommendations for cities in PT, MT, CT, and ET that are representative of the geography (e.g., central to the time zone) and provide the latitude and longitude for those cities, I will be happy to add dimming!

From Darek334 on 2012-04-18T14:40:52Z:

How can install this clock on Windows 7 ?? There is no installer for this program :(, thx...

From Web Design Melbourne on 2012-03-19T22:21:00Z:

Chinese fonts like traditional make use of Big5 fonts and the simplified format use GB also known as GB 2312 and this is the official language of China. The encoding format contains all the essential characters of Unicode 3. Big5 and GB characters are included in the Unicode.

From jade leth on 2012-02-15T06:13:12Z:

Thankyou for making this Gadget available. That it is so simple and customisable is fantastic - especially since there don't seem to be any others around that offer the same functions.
I don't know if you're still adding features or not but I would like to second the double size request you listed or else change size to custom settings. Another thing I'd like is being able to put line breaks in.. so my date could be, for example, "l\njS F" which would show Wednesday and then below that 15th February. I managed to get them separate by using the label field as well as the date field but that means one is above the time and one is below. A small thing, I know, but it would be cool.

From Wimpanzee on 2012-02-09T12:36:45Z:

This is great. I, like you, prefer a digital clock for my desktop.  This one is far, far better than any other clocks I've seen.

Thank you.

From MJB on 2012-01-31T19:54:49Z:

The best clock widget, period. I've been looking for an effective clock and tried virtually every clock widget available. But none came close to Presto's.

From Akoddus on 2011-11-09T16:44:05Z:

Thank you very very very much. This is what I have been looking for. The best clock ever.

From gonzo on 2011-11-08T14:26:09Z:

tnx 4 this awsome gadget the best one out there

From RMX on 2011-09-20T06:49:41Z:

It would be awesome if an LCD or LED display (digital font) could be simulated!
I have been looking for a gadget that would only display the day of week, and this is the ONLY clock gadget that does that!
I like the ability of the gadget can be user programed to my liking.

I have three open right now -> Day of week -> Month and Date -> Current Time.

From Murray on 2011-08-10T00:18:56Z:

like your clock m8,  it would be good if it was transparent thou

From Nicholasdanger40 on 2011-08-04T00:18:39Z:

Hey Preston!

Love the clock! I am having a problem with the "set picture to background" feature. Once I set it up, it looks and works fine. Once I restart/shut down the computer it either doesn't load the picture(box is empty in options) or it displays it wrong (To large). Any suggestions? I've tried the "backup to clipboard" option BUT that doesn't seem to work either.


From Me on 2011-06-14T10:14:11Z:

Really the best clock ! Thanks !

From Steve on 2011-04-30T11:30:17Z:

Looking really good, thank you!

Any chance you could add alarm features to this?

From Kevin Paterson on 2011-04-29T08:15:36Z:

Best clock gadget I've ever seen!
But can you add a function to show sunrise/sunset as a time?
I would have one clock showing the real time, when another clock tells me when sunset will occur today. Thanks :D

From Ascar on 2011-04-05T17:16:26Z:

Does anybody know how ti upgrade the existing gadget rather than installing a new version alongside the existing one? I have just installed 1.46 and I have a new Gadget now. All settings are in the previously installed 1.45! Create new clocks again?

From presto8 on 2011-04-16T15:02:54Z:

For now, the easiest thing to do is to open the old clock, go to the "About" tab, and select the "Backup settings to clipboard". Then open the new gadget, go to the same tab, and select "Restore settings from clipboard". Unfortunately, there are very few alternatives to this approach given the way that Windows implements the gadgets.

From Ascar Omarov on 2011-05-01T17:30:46Z:

Thanks for the tip. Do I have to do this for every clock I have on my desktop? Let me try...

Yeap, pasting the contents of the clipboard into a text file shows only one city. Still this might be a little shorter that setting the the things from scratch.... :)

From iflyboeing747 on 2011-04-04T07:16:14Z:

Hi again Presto,
Just to summarize:
My computer is set to timezone 'Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris, Madrid'
America/Los Angeles is dimming at night
America/Argentina/Buenos Aires is dimming at night
Pacific/Honolulu is dimming at night
All cities (those I have checked) in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe are not dimming at night.
Hope this helps.

From presto8 on 2011-04-05T02:46:22Z:

Hi! Thanks for the additional info. I just pushed a new version 1.46 today, can you please download it and see if it fixes the problem? Thanks!

From iflyboeing747 on 2011-04-05T15:12:09Z:

I installed 1.46 - and it is same situation as mentioned in my summary above

From presto8 on 2011-04-06T00:15:09Z:

Sorry to hear it's still not fixed. This is getting a little complex to handle in the comments. Would you mind e-mailing me at [email protected] and, if you are willing, we can try and debug this a bit. Thanks!

From presto8 on 2011-04-09T15:38:41Z:

Hi again, can you please try this version and see if it's still happening? Thank you!

From Ascar on 2011-04-03T17:43:59Z:

Hello, Preston. Thanks for your beautiful gadget. This is one of those things which if you try once you then don't know how to live without. Feature request, please, if I may : can you code a change so that the gadget would allow to make something like a stripe which you can put multiple clocks onto and make them act as one clock with multiple dials for different cities. Reason - if you use a laptop with a docking station and an external LCD or if your screens resolution changes regularly (connecting projectors, TVs etc) then every time the resolution changes the clocks get messed and they move to the awkward parts of the screen or overlap each with another. I have to put them back were they were before.

Also, if you could share whether it is possible to change the default fonts, sizes and colors somewhere in the code? I have 10 clocks on my desktop (yes, I need to be in touch with people from San Jose to Sydney) and I prefer different colors and sizes than what you set as default. Changing 10 clocks is really tiresome. Reason - I have just lost my settings because I installed the upgrade to 1.45 and it did not really upgrade my 1.43 but installed a new instance alongside it. Either I did not have to upgrade and kept using the older version or accept the schema of the new version .... since it installed with the default colors/font sizes. I guess I did not know how to instal the upgrade correctly.

Other than that I said above I have never used a Vista/Windows 7 gadget that would be as useful to me as yours!

From Sylvie on 2011-03-31T06:45:31Z:

Hi! Just posted that gadget did not show city! I did not realize I had to add the city - all is well! Thank you! LOVE the clock!

From presto8 on 2011-04-01T01:13:22Z:

Thanks and I'm glad that everything is up and running for you. And also glad to hear that you like the clock!

From Sylvie on 2011-03-31T06:39:42Z:

Love the clock, but it does not display the city (as shown on download page). I've uninstalled and re-installed. Same problem. I have Windows 7 Home Premium. Any suggestions? Thx!

From iflyboeing747 on 2011-03-31T06:41:51Z:

you need to write the name of the city/location in the Bottom Label

From Rich Armstrong on 2011-02-03T18:57:25Z:

The clipboard backup/restore doesn't appear to work in version 1.44. I was running 1.40, uninstalled it, then installed 1.44. Any attempt to restore earlier settings produces a message, "Clipboard does not contain valid settings." If I backup settings for a 1.44 clock gadget, nothing is placed on the clipboard.

I reinstalled 1.40, and it restores and backs up settings just fine.

From presto8 on 2011-02-05T02:31:36Z:

Oops! Good catch, thanks Rich. It looks like somewhere along the way, a critical file got deleted. I'll fix it in the next release (should be up in a day or two).

From Rich Armstrong on 2011-02-10T20:04:14Z:

Thanks for the quick fix! I was able to play with the new dimming feature, which looks very nice. Some observations:

• Immediately after restoring the settings for a time zone where it’s currently night, the clock is dimmed, in spite of the setting suggesting otherwise.

• A clock set to “Local time” isn’t dimmable—no coordinates, I suppose—but you probably knew that.

• If the clock digits aren’t white, the 70% dimming can make them rather hard to read. Perhaps a setting to adjust the dimming factor—or logic that compensates for darker fonts automatically. :-)

• There’s an entry for “Asia/Kolkata” giving its time zone info, but the latitude/longitude for that city are under “Asia/Calcutta.” Although I yearn for the non-PC days of yore, I changed both to Kolkata in my gadget and my clock for India can now be dimmed.

From presto8 on 2011-02-15T06:43:07Z:

Thanks Rich! I'll take a look at fixing some of these issues in the next release. I appreciate your kicking the tires on the new feature -- at least I know that somebody is using it :-)

From iflyboeing747 on 2011-03-30T07:02:17Z:

excellent gadget!
i now use 1.45 and the shading of night-time works fine with the us timezones - but not with the european and asian timezones 24 hour format..

From Ascar on 2011-04-06T15:50:29Z:

Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Sydney are not dimming. San Jose (CA) does.

From presto8 on 2011-04-09T15:38:16Z:

Thanks for the bug report! I think I fixed it, can you please try this version and let me know?

From Madoaks on 2011-01-13T18:35:14Z:

Does this have an hourly chime option? This would be so helpful if it does. Great clock btw! Thx.

From presto8 on 2011-01-13T18:48:53Z:

I'll add it to the features requested list!

From ayjay on 2011-01-12T03:36:13Z:

G'day Preston

I think your clock is great. I like your "changing the background colour" to reflect the time of day. Mac OSX has this and I miss it when on Win7. Their simple approach, which I think is quite adequate, is to make the face dark after 18:00 until 06:00. Not to elaborate but gives you the idea that its night where you may be about to ring or txt!! :)

Thanks mate look forward to it.

From presto8 on 2011-01-13T18:48:36Z:

Thanks for the suggestion -- I like this approach! I'm going to roll it out on a trial basis in the next release. Evening hours will change the face color to gray, daylight will be white.

From Ron on 2010-07-24T03:44:23Z:

Add me to the list of people who'd love to see a larger version. A little hard to read on a 1920x1200 screen.

From NX on 2010-06-13T13:53:02Z:

Can you make an even bigger clock or a clock with a resize ability?

From presto8 on 2010-06-14T14:59:37Z:

Sorry, no plans for a bigger clock at this time (too busy with other projects currently). Maybe in a future release!

From NX on 2010-06-21T16:29:53Z:

Thanks. Will wait for future release!

PS: Also, please add ability to change background, or add dark blue color.

From bill on 2010-05-24T15:49:05Z:

This is such an elegant solution to time/date issues. Thank you!

A small request, in the "Date format:" section, I use the standard "D M d" set of variables but also discovered that I could get automated information about plus/minus hours from GMT by using the "P I" variables. However, it seems that I am only able to reference these variables for the computer system time even though my "clocks" is set to different timezone than the system timezone. Any ideas?

From presto8 on 2010-06-08T17:40:55Z:

Please check out the latest version 1.40, which fixes the problem you are seeing with the P variable. Unfortunately, due to the current implementation, "I" is not possible. I have updated the online documentation to clarify that "I" is not supported.

From dpinsf on 2010-05-20T16:46:43Z:

Fantastic clock. Exactly what I was looking for and a great complement to Win 7. Love the simple, elegant interface and ability to tweak all the formatting around date and time. Very impressed.

From presto8 on 2010-06-08T17:40:04Z:

Thanks, rustyboy and dpinsf, glad to hear you like it!

From rustyboy on 2010-04-13T11:20:06Z:

I have tried all the digital clocks I could find for Win7 but this one is the best of all of them. And quite configurable, too. Well done, Presto!

From KuroiKaze on 2012-05-24T08:44:06Z:

I completely agree, this is the best clock ever made.  I can't live without it!

From HappyPappy on 2010-03-20T06:23:47Z:

Now the cops can have a nice familiar sight to rest their eyes on while they sit next to the road 'watching the clock'.Don't be mad at me guys,cops are supposed to be able to take a hit.There is no special reason that I'm picking on you,it's just that the first humorous thing that I thought of was that stupid line about cops.Also,I wanted to put more up here in this comment than just 'great friggin' job,man'! The license plate look really is the coolest thing that you could use for this gadget... T, clear,brite lights allow me to actually get all of the info that I want in one quick glance. The personal color preference for those characters is just icing on the cake or a match to the bong!!!

From presto8 on 2010-03-10T13:50:32Z:

Laura, sorry black is it for the time being! (Please see the FAQ for a way to change the background manually however.) For instructions on how to change the date, open the gadget options and click "Format help". To backup your settings, go to the "About" page and click "Backup settings to the clipboard".

From Laura on 2010-03-09T10:35:03Z:

Is possible change the color ? Don't like black :(
Is possible show the complete date, don't like the abbreviation
I don't find the option for save settings, where is?

Many thank's :)

From Michael Johnson on 2008-09-20T22:38:00Z:

Great Clock! I have request or suggestion. I run two separate clocks one a 12 hr clock the other a 24 hr. I would be great to be able to add clocks to the one gadget. Second suggestion would to allow for 24hr indication like the PM instead of using the lower label. One last question. I tried to space out the syntax with spaces and it would work I had to use underlines ex: d __ M m/d/y.Is there a character I can use that wont be visible?

From Chul on 2008-09-13T05:04:00Z:

Hey thanks for the new features, especially the date/label position swap!

From Alonso Diaz on 2008-04-16T06:27:00Z:

Great gadget! It looks amazing.

Maybe a future version could have multi-font selection.

From Simon on 2007-12-31T10:35:00Z:

Brilliant. Just what I wanted. Perhaps a few more skins would add icing on the cake.

From Paul on 2007-12-19T17:10:00Z:

Doh, per your FAQs...

Where is the time zone for India? Please select Asia/Calcutta.

From Paul on 2007-12-19T17:05:00Z:

Great gadget, thanks. However, it appears to be missing IST (GMT +5:30) which covers Bangalore. Is there a way to manually add this? If not, can you create a patch?

From Serg on 2007-09-14T16:14:00Z:

Well done! It will be good idea to apply work hours identity to this gadget be changing background colours.

From Grego on 2007-04-10T17:04:00Z:

Love your clock...looks great..simple,attractive design..thanks for sharing