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If you don't know what these graphs mean, scroll down to the bottom of the page for an explanation. The light green shaded area on the graphs below represents the normal range for a healthy adult.

Indicator Unit Normal range What it means
WBC count/uL 4.5k - 10k Number of white blood cells per uL of blood. Measures body's overall ability to fight infection.
ANC count/mL 1.4k - 6.5k Absolute Neutrophic Count. Number of neutrophils per mL of blood. Neutrophils are the body's primary defense against bacterial infections.
HGB g/dL 13.8 - 17.2 Measures total amount of hemoglobin per dL of blood. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood; a low count means I won't have much energy.
HCT % 40.7% - 50.3% Hematocrit. Measures percent of blood that is red blood cells. Low levels mean decreased energy levels. HGB and HCT results are interpreted together.
PLT count/uL 150k - 400k Total number of platelets per uL of blood. Platelets are responsible for blood clotting; too few increases the risk of bleeding. If my count goes below 50-100k, I can't floss my teeth or use a razor.
RBC count/uL 4.7M - 6.1M Total number of red blood cells per uL of blood. These cells live about 120 days and thus are not affected as much until the later stages of chemotherapy.