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On June 18-19, 1999, I climbed Mt. Shasta, which towers 14,162 feet above the Oregon/California border and is the third-highest peak in the lower 48 states.

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  1. Bunny Flats Trailhead (elev. 6000)
  2. Getting ready at the cars
  3. Jeff does last minute gear check
  4. Southern view on the way to Horse Camp
  5. Nasty Tevas abandoned at Horse Camp
  6. Preston heading up Avalanche Gulch (elev. 8000)
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  8. NeedsTitle
  9. Preston eats dinner at camp
  10. Preston eats dinner at camp 2
  11. Group shot at base camp
  12. View of Helen Lake from base camp
  13. West view from base camp
  14. Sunset behind base camp
  15. Dawn from base camp
  16. Shasta's silhouette
  17. Western view just below the Heart
  18. Preston climbing above the Heart
  19. Mark heading up to Red Banks
  20. Looking down through Red Banks
  21. Break spot on top of Red Banks
  22. Preston sitting on summit
  23. Mark on summit
  24. Preston standing on summit
  25. Preston standing on summit 2
  26. Preston standing on summit 3
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  28. NeedsTitle